Nike Hyperdunk - Australia

With already have shown other Nike Hyperdunks including the China and United We Rise models, here’s a look at the Australia based sneaker. Featured is a transparent upper along with complimentary linear threads.

The shoe also features a green and yellow color-way that is accented by the country’s flag on the tongue. Unfortunately, the shoes are only made for the players of the Australian Basketball team who are participating in the Olympics going on, but you may spot a few of them wearing the Hyperdunks come game day. VIa Sneaker Freaker.


  1. yay!

    aussie kickz

    look O K

    i like hyperdunks….im gonna get a pair…they arent bad

  2. THUG4LYFE says:

    We dont want these, we want the McFly hyperdunk mass produced so we dont have to pay $800 on ebay. F*ck you Nike.

  3. Air 23 Air Jordan says:

    I haven't seen a colorway of these I didn't love, and these are no exception.

    Air 23 – News, release dates, info, tons of pics, and much more!!

  4. mustonparry says:



  5. "Lightest basketball shoe ever!" = "Cheapest material and labor in China!"

  6. this is a super late post. in the pre game againist usa a few players on austrailia wore this shoe

  7. i like the colorwat but dont like the australia flag even though thts the whole point of the shoe

  8. izit kobe wear same type of this shoes on olympic???

  9. one of my favorite ever!!

  10. dam!!

    i want these

    there my school colors and i would look fresh as hell on the court with these on

    looks and performance = win

  11. Dwayne Hess says:

    Other Nike Hyperdunks on the shoes. The shoe provides other Nike Hyperdunks which is friendly.

  12. says:

    Great colorway on this shoe. Too bad Australia's team sucks. Croatia spanked them!

  13. says:

    They have some pretty cool sh*t on this site. I bought 5 pairs off here.

  14. where can i buy Australian hyper dunks?????????

  15. I think you can buy Australian Hyperdunk shoes from
    it has Hyperdunk Australia color, you will find it so perfect, and it has high quality, and only cost $60, because I have brought Hyperdunk from it, and wear it by playing basketball,I feel that it help me to jumpping so high,

  16. Cora Vann says:

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