Nike Free Hybrid Moccasin

You may think the Hybrids are getting played out, but Nike has no intentions at all to stop. Here is the new Nike Free Moccasin Hybrid, but with the right color scheme “Can” work.

The Nike Free 5.0 sole was used on this hybrid, amongst others. Also the uppers contain a “Moccasin” look. The toe box also features a hint of the Huarache. Releasing Fall 2008, via gllt and NikeAirBlog.

Nike Free Hybrid Moccasin


  1. maybe if the colorways were different. it needs earth tone colors. white sloe with tan or black aint doin it well

  2. I like it a lot, but I will not pull the trigger unless I see them for $50 or less which I predict they will


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