Nike Flyknit Collective Rio de Janeiro

September sees the Nike Flyknit Collective from Nike Stadiums move on to Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro hosts the Nike Flyknit Collective this month with three workshops focused around the core benefits of Nike Flyknit technology–Lightness, Formfitting, Sustainability and Performance.

Nike Flyknit redefines performance design in a way that reduces the waste created in manufacturing an upper and is incredibly comfortable, using reductionist process that is altering the way we look at developing footwear. Carrying the core ethos of Nike’s 40 years of innovation, but delivering new solutions by way of modern technology, the characteristics of Nike Flyknit technology can be applied to the arts too — a different kind of performance. The Nike Flyknit Collective was formed to offer a place for global innovators in different fields to use the 4 key principles of Nike Flyknit and apply and interpret them in a way that interacts and connects with local communities.