Nike Dunk Mid SB - 2009 Griptape

Nike SB’s latest idea for the Nike Dunk Mid SB isn’t really a new idea, but a revamped one. The Nike Dunk Mid SB Griptape from 2007 has been subtly changed, and as a result, the 2009 Griptape version has breathed life. The Nike Dunk Mid SB 2009 Griptape features the exact same griptape design and colorway, with the black griptape upper and light graphite swoosh. The only difference is the red color on the laces and SB logo on the ankle strap, and don’t forget about the blue box this time. But, if you liked the original Griptapes but wished they added your favorite color of red in the mix, then your wish has been granted. Look out for these Mids at your local Nike SB retailer.
Nike Dunk Mid SB - 2009 Griptape

Via Dunkbar.

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  1. are you kidding me? Wow instead of making another fucking griptape they could of made these the “vamp” mids, instead they fuck up AGAIN! SMH, true red swoosh & laces, black midsoul and true red sole and the Silver box OMG SB you see how good of an Idea that could be?? c’mon SB get on the grind =/