Nike Dunk Low Valentines Day 2008

The Nike Dunk Low Valentines Day 2008 is different from the 2007, with Nike using bright traditional Valentines Day colors. 2007 Dunk Low Valentines-Day was a disappointment for many, with Nike using dark theme.

Featuring Leather and Patent Leather, White/Pink/Red, hearts interlocking on the laces, and a girl hugging a heart on the insole, which most of the Nike Valentines Day sneakers contain. Big thanks to our friends at Juebankongjian.

Nike Dunk Low Valentines Day 2008
Nike Dunk Low Valentines Day 2008
Nike Dunk Low Valentines Day 2008
Nike Dunk Low Valentines Day 2008


  1. I heart them better than the wackazz v day blazers and af1….

    Will def cop and where for v day

  2. yoo these are official for

    valentines day..

    where's the pricee..

    and they come out exactly on v-day??

  3. im definitely copping these dunks.

    nike let me down in '07.

    but '08 they stepping it again.

    replying to bubba:

    psshhh please imma rock whenever i feel like it.

    shoot i rock'd my halloween dunks just the other day

    :) 2 times wearing them. lol [halloween & yesterday]

  4. These r on point, im feelin how do u buy these im loving them and i wuz looking on the internet 4 me some valentines day kicks so thats y i want 2 know!!

  5. Wow, you whores must be one hell of a cheap ass date. I mean, to wear those ugly ass sneakers on Valentines Day? You must be reaching out for the Value Meal at McDonalds huh… Dollar menu just ain't romantic anymore I guess?

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