The Three Bears Dunk SB pack from Nike was a hit with many sneakerheads. Now we have something to report that will remind many of the Baby Bear low from the aforementioned pack. We now have pictures of a supposed 2009 sample of a Nike Dunk Low SB dubbed by some as the “Chirping Bird.” The reason for the alias is that, if you push down on the thin tongue that every sample has, then you’ll hear a bird chirping. For how many of you does this sample surpass all of the shoes that made up the Three Bears pack? For how many of you is this easy to look passed? We here at SneakerFiles promise to keep you updated with any further developments.

Via NSB.

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  1. not bad from what i see so far. need to see better pictures.

    it chirps when you press it? childish like most SBs are turning out to be now. i hope they dont release with that feature.

    Z: yeah the tongues are closer to the size of how they used to be years back.

  2. wOW Im feeling these. Reminds me of the Gibsons. Ill custom stuff the toungs, theyre worth it lol.

  3. yea gibson fur for sure

    i read where some dude said it was like the bears, what a dumb ass

    and yea im totally gettin these

    if sb is childish then i wanna be a kid