Nike Dunk Low Pro SB - Obsidian / Black
The Nike Dunk is coming back to its roots with a simple yet clean colorway for its SB series. The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB comes in an obsidian/black colorway. Digging into the Gino archives, this pair of Dunks rocks a black perforated leather side panel and toebox, with obsidian suede throughout the shoe. The grey suede swoosh adds a really nice touch to the shoe, matching with the outsole which sits under a white midsole. The back Nike logo is placed against a black canvas panel, making this shoe full of detail. Get your hands on a pair of these Dunks today for a price of $95.
Nike Dunk Low Pro SB - Obsidian / Black

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB - Obsidian / Black

Via Kasina.

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  1. No fat tongue=sucks, I would copp these in a heartbeat but the non fat tongue is killing me mann.easy pass

  2. they still make these, sb dunk lows!? ever since fat tounges dissolved i 4got about em……… f*** that! im bouta start doin surgery on the tounges n fillin em up wit cotton.. n did anyone notices once they got rid of the fat tounges, the nike check on the side got a lil smaller..?

  3. yep i agree %100 with 23, i copped a pair of smurfette dunk lows and the side panels crease lika BIT(h and there sooooooo fuk3n uncomfortable i wish i never wasted my money on them -RIP NIKE SB

  4. i hope nike listens to its consumers and bring the fat tongue back because these would be nice with the fat tongue

  5. hype boi smurfettes are wack

    23 whats a nike check, swoosh?

    im so against blue in black together but these get the job done, not a cop tho, ill sleep

  6. hey did anyone else see the little plastic loop for the lace bag

    i hope this means lace bags are back

  7. the swoosh does look different. nice shoes though. ive been waiting for some simple/ mellow dunks.

  8. I kick myself in the but every-time I see sites as good as this because I should stop bludging and start working on mine

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