Though the Nike SB Line is what most sneakerheads concentrate on these days, the Nike 6.0 Line is currently yielding many models and colorway that may sway one’s opinion. Of these models, the most prevalent is the Nike Dunk Low 6.0 due to the comfort level and support it provides. Today, Nike unveiled 3 pairs of the Nike Dunk Low 6.0’s. All three pairs feature a unique, yet clean colorway. The first pair features a white base, black laces, and a multicolored midsole which ranges from green to orange. The second pair yields a simple gray colorway with white accents, a neon swoosh, and a speckled midsole. The last pair out of today’s release will most likely turn out to be the most popular of the three. This Rastafarian influenced colorway features a brown base accented by the typical Rasta colors of green, red, and yellow. All three of these colorways are now available at Journey’s.


  1. im good……..first!!!!!

  2. Kinslowdian says:

    I'm getting bored of dunks now, Nike continue to milk the cow :(

  3. ENJOI SK8TER says:


  4. wheree can i buy the rastas?

  5. i have the rosta 1's to im getting the shipment in today

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