Nike Dunk High SB - Un-Futura Anthracite / Metallic Summit White

How these ended up on a UK retailer’s website without anyone knowing till now, we have now clue, but what we do know is that Mischief, a UK based skate shop, has just released this Nike Dunk High SB featured in anthracite/metallic summit white.

Dubbed the “Un-Futura High’s” for its strong resemblance to the Futura Dunk SB Low, this subtle combination of colors is very tempting to order a pair, but good luck getting these to ship to the US, Mischief only ships inside of the UK. Via NSB.

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  1. Finally a killer color combination, i agree with christian below as well, im tired of seeing hypebeasts in neon, vibrant pink shirts and purple pants, its plain disgusting. Simplicity rocks.

  2. Fuck those Wankers in the Uk…y should they have em n not use. Isn't nike still in oregon, usa…wtf!!!!

  3. well were getting the in Boston I dont know about the rest of yall but I'm getting my pair Tuesday