Nike Dunk High NBA Pack - Boston Celtics

Winners of last years NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics are among a few other teams chosen to be included in Nike’s Dunk High NBA Pack. Featuring a camo green and black color-way, these are not a traditional looking Boston Celtic shoe. You may recall Celtic Dunk High’s that were released a few years back and retro’ed this year in the vintage pack, but these appear in a more of a darker toned style. Available now at CitySole, but will ship out on 8/30.


  1. Where's the camo green? Or the black for that matter…

    All I can see is sh*tty brown and boring grey…

    am I tripping?

  2. I fucking agree with everyone here, where the hell does ANYONE see the black or the green??????? Or is everyone just going color blind????

  3. I dont know about these, I'll have to see em in person. Not a good Celtics dunk, but if you look at it as just a dunk, they might be ok.

  4. these are nice for JETS Fans the front are green the mid is green the back is black I copp these today the look better upclose

  5. im fuckin outraged, this is not fuckin celtics colors at all. and who in their right mind want to cop these ugly sons of bitches. fucking hypebeasts

  6. All I can say is that "black" looks brown, that "green" looks grey. Either that photo is shit. Or the kicks are just weak.

  7. stfu all of u jus look at like a dunk and not some celtics dunk its a nice dunk maybe not a celtics one but look at for wat it is and stop hating if u dnt like em dnt cop em and if u do then cop mad simple


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