Nike Composition Pack Grade School

Last year, a lot of hype was floating around the Nike Dunk High Composition, and now Nike has introduced the Composition Pack made in grade school sizes. I know sneaker heads that wear mens sizes will be upset, since three great models released in the Composition theme: Nike Vandal, Air Max 90, and Dunk Low. Just released at Proper, and should hit other retailers very soon.

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  1. 1st up to bat. The fuckin max 90's. wow. just wow. i need em, like tomorrow. And i hate Proper and their confusing ass website. I need another retailer!

  2. Anyways, we're pretty tired by now, so we just quickly skim through hype, which are surprising quite a number. But, not enough to take away from Dunk Low experience. We get there and find out we don't have grade school sizes yet.

  3. There are hype out there that can analyze the Composition Pack for you and identify Dunk Low. I will advise you that going too short term is Dunk Low. Other retailers offer Dunk Low free of the Composition theme.

  4. awwman i cnt believe they only in gs sizes. hopefully they change that cuz they all nice especially them air max.

  5. Fukin bullshit come out wit a dope set of sneakers and you make it grade school sizes nike is mad stupid

  6. first of all they make a billion more sneakers in ONLY MENS SIZES and they be heat too but as soon as they do some only GS SIZES there is a big fuss…

    save it. relax. and keep it moving…

    buy the way i copped those dunnks sz. 6.5 early!

  7. Nike has done dumber things…but it is pretty stupid..grade school kids dont have the wallets full of cash…adults do….I bet theres going 2 be a bunch of sneaker freaks choppin off toes so they can squeeze in those max's lol…