Nike Composition Book Pack (GS)

Early in the year we reported Nike‘s Back to School Pack that featured the Dunk Low, Air Max 90 and Vandal High using the composition book design that was applied in the original back to school. This composition book pack is specifically designed for grade school sizes.

Unfortunately, only the Dunk Low and Air Max 90 are pictured. Both feature the original composition book design on the panels along with lined paper. Release is slated for early August. Via Sole Fresh.

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  1. Those AM 90's are clean, but These should have released with the BTS pack! I hate when they bring back the same idea, come with something original! But who cares since they are releasing in grade school sizes.

  2. okay the first time was fire, but now the socnd time its just gay, nike keeps recycling the ideas now its just pure hype.

  3. Yey me and my lady can roc em together… bought the dunk highs last year too thanks lifted asu campus, to bad they closed

  4. these are SEXY ! too bad my foot wont fit cause they only makinq them in qrade school sizes = GAY ! cutee thouqh .