Nike Bluechip II (2) - Think Pink for Lisa Leslie

WNBA superstar and women’s basketball legend Lisa Leslie pays homage to the “Think Pink” campaign with this unique version of the Nike Bluechip II (2). “Think Pink” brings breast cancer awareness to others in hopes of offering support to sufferers and raising money to find possible cures. The ‘Chip is toned in varsity purple/yellow/white to match up with Leslie’s LA Sparks uniform. White stitching around the collar provides a nice level of added support. Pink accents can be found around the shoe’s ankle, stitched into the Swoosh emblem, and on the Air Max unit embedded in the heel. The Nike Bluechip II (2) “Think Pink” for Lisa Leslie will likely remain exclusive to Lisa.

Nike Bluechip II (2) - Think Pink for Lisa Leslie

Via HK-Kicks.

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  1. ^^^

    Uhhhh, is that suppose to be gay joke or something? It's a woman's shoe it's suppose to look feminine.