Nike Blazer High - Red / Black / Silver

Here’s a look at the latest Nike Blazer that actually doesn’t look half bad. This Blazer High is composed of Grey, Red, and black with a metallic silver swoosh to tie everything in. The metallic swoosh is a nice compliment to Grey and black upper.

There hasn’t been much information released about this Blazer but it has been reported that it has a flower print on the insole. Expect to see the metallic silver Blazer High in stores soon. Via Sole Fresh.

Nike Blazer High - Red / Black / Silver
Nike Blazer High - Red / Black / Silver
Nike Blazer High - Red / Black / Silver


  1. yea deez are dope

    looks sorta like sum

    japan exclusives

    i dont like tha solez

    on most blazers b/c

    it looks like a mustache

    or sum kinda hairy rubber lol

  2. If these were SBs these woulda been BLAZINNN! It prolly woulda been close to comparison with the SUPREME SB BLAZER. HA! but no doubt in mind these are nice.

  3. I just got into Blazers a few weeks ago. Got into them at a perfect time, this are fresh!!!

    Oh yeah, Wholesale Shoes b2b, thanks for telling us about that site. I went ahead and let the counterfeit department at Nike know as well!!!

  4. these are my msot favorite shoes int he world. these goo hella hard and would make me look like tha shit. these kicks are the hottest fire ive ever seen. i just need aknow how much this shit costs and where i can find this fiya.. love these kciks til' i the day i d.i.e. these are the sickest shoes created ever


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