Nike Blazer High Premium - Gold / Black / Blue

The Nike Blazer is no new sneaker on the market considering that it originally released back in 1972, but the high top basketball sneaker continues to stay on people’s feet worldwide due to the various colorways the folks over at Nike are designing. This time around, Nike has decked out the Blazer High with a gold upper accented by a black suede swoosh, a white midsole, a blue tongue, and white laces. Overall, this pair yields a bright look, but the white and black accents help tone down the colorway a little. The Nike Blazer High Premium – Gold/Black/Blue is now available at select Nike retailers. Via Weekly Drop.

Now available at Atmos.


  1. WOW!!! i cant belivd it… i customize ma shoes like this!!! now i need to repaint it again… diff. color!!! this is the second time that happend…

  2. April Fool's? I'm pretty sure these came out a while ago. Something looks difrnt tho, think it's the tongue.

  3. suede swoosh? WTH? Did these re-release or did sneakerfiles just lose it's game? I have these, released awhile ago and the swoosh isn't sueded.

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