Nike Blazer Getting a New Look

As seen in the above picture, the classic Nike Blazer has undergone a small, albeit significant redesign. This new look features a rubber toe guard, that in the opinion of this blogger, does little for the overall look of the longtime Nike staple. While this pair, which features a white, navy blue, and gray color way with a dark green heel accent, is still a classic, one has to wonder what the folks at Nike had in mind with this addition.

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  1. any blazers but lowtop blazers are already ridiculously ugly..and this only makes them a total disaster. nike you fail.

  2. Wow, who ever is doing these shoe reviews really needs to step there product knowledge up and stop putting up false information seriously! Like John said up top these are the Nike All Courts NOT Nike Blazers! I bought a pair like last summer LOL they have a couple pair on if anybodies interested in buying a pair.

  3. that would suck if someone got this wrong…lol, but i still think they look like the urbano, even if it is the Nike All Courts

  4. Blazers originally had that toe guard when they were made back in the early to mid 80's, and Nike branched off the All Court w/ the toe guard and the Blazer w/o it way later, soooo…