Nike Basketball Team Shoes 2009 Preview Hypermax TB

The Hyperdunk was the big name in Nike’s 2008 basketball line-up, the big name for 2009 is yet to be identified, but here are a few models that can be in the running Six of Nike’s basketball shoes hitting shelves are the Hypermax TB, Blue Chip II INT TB, Blue Chip II TB, Shox Vision TB, Hyperlite TB and Zoom Soldier III TB. Each sneaker follows a theme of black, grey and white, a possible choice of sneaker for the players of the San Antonio Spurs. No word of actual release dates, but stay posted for more info. Via NT.

Nike Basketball Team Shoes 2009 Preview Blue Chip II INT TB

Nike Basketball Team Shoes 2009 Preview

Nike Basketball Team Shoes 2009 Preview Shox Vision TB

Nike Basketball Team Shoes 2009 Preview Hyperlite TB

Nike Basketball Team Shoes 2009 Preview Zoom Soldier III TB


  1. I really like the first one. Not crazy about the rest but Nike is trying with their designs. Better shoes than whats recently come out.

  2. Recently i found a good shopping Web site, there are a variety of brand-name shoes, interested people can go and see, very good.

  3. that is right gift to the game guy the brons are freakin gay like lebron and the third shoe is hot and cool man.

  4. hypermax – best shoes there!!

    brons – really ugly

    shox – coolest looking bb shox i've seen

    air vis 1 – cool

    air vis 2 – sweet design

    huarache – ok

  5. the lebrons look almost exactly like the sharkleys them shits suck and the sole are the Kobe 3s STOP usin the same shit Nike

  6. I think Nike will be making a Hyperforce(yeah it sounds corny)but thinking about Hypermax why not Hyperforce i mean we all know nike has the solution to the basketball shoe problem which was the weight now that Nike has acquired that Hyperdunk technology it means they will be using it in every shoe they make and you better believe that Jordan Brand might start using it theres no doubt in my mind they aren't experinmenting on Jordan Brand and the Nike Air Force 1, which would be nice if other NBA players can use them other than just Rasheed.

  7. ACCEL Shoes is the best shoes ever…. its better than the Lebron's, the Kobe's,the Wade's, the Melo's, the AI's, the Team Signature's and the Jordan's…..=)


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