Nike Air Yeezy Kanye West

Nike’s Air Yeezy has become one of the most talked about and anticipated sneakers, mainly because of the man behind it, Kanye West. The Air Yeezy can be described as a design cooked up by Nike and Kanye West utilizing some of Kanye’s favorite sneakers.

Here’s a look at a new color-way, beige and orange and the black and white model can be seen after the jump. As for the beige/orange model, various leathers including a perforated leather panel and leather mid-foot strap is paired with patent and suede. An orange mid-sole also appears in the form a play on the Air Jordan III. Furthermore, the out-sole has reported to glow, an idea definitely conceptualized by Kanye.

Nike Air Yeezy By Kanye West
Nike Air Yeezy By Kanye West

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  1. Look, if you don`t like the shoe, you don`t buy the shit. Because I`ve seen that bullshit in the previous posts about the Air Yeezy. There`s no need to start saying that Kanye`s music is bad or whatever, because the shit has nothing to do with the shoe. If you don`t like the music, that`s just your taste of music. And no, I don`t think Kanye is `the best rapper alive`, so don`t start calling me a `Ye stan or something like that.

    It`s obvious that the shoe would be less hyped if it wasn`t for Kanye, but that doesn`t take away how the shoe looks. If the shoe wasn`t a `Ye collaboration, I`d still want them. I just hope they release them in Europe and the price card won`t be over 150€-175€. Hoping to get my hands on the beige/orange or black/red/white ones.

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  3. I agree with DamianV

    Lets just comment on the shoe…. However if this shoe wasn't made for Kanye they would still be hot in my opinion. Matter of fact, the first time I saw em I was like damn…..then I read the headline and found out they were Ye exclusives for the Glow Tour.


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  5. Im sticking with it these are ass. I would pic up though just to sell to the dumbass hypebeast ass people…Make there dumbassness make me deep in the pockets haha…

  6. They just okay to me. Better than all these fucked up ass fusions and shit-ikes though.




  8. 2 ALL HATERS—-Yo how can you deny these? I mean I coulda added a lil mo detail if it was me… but dey r hot just how they are dont be a hater all ya life. They are cute shoes and dey represent Kanye. No one can deny that… You just mad you dont have a sneaker named after you ! Yeezy- Big ups

  9. Yall be complaining about Fusions, six rings and other hybrids but watch how many people say these mutated glow sticks are dope

  10. man…..those shits are fugly. ilike that beige/cream colorway, but those sneakers are just foul looking

  11. Those shits literally make me sick to my stomach and they only reason im gunna cop em is cuz I know some retard will buy them from me for 10x the price i buy them for..

  12. These are under a category of what?……. Basketball shoe, trainer, casual,….etc what?

  13. these are clean. it could be named after camron and i would still get them. any info on the release date?

  14. i rather buy a pair of air assaults, hi vandals and i allready have half of the shoe, but then better.

    imo these are ugly.

    if you want shoe's designed for fashion buy some expensive wing tips or whatever.

  15. Not really feeling these too much right now, but maybe they will grow on me. Those too colorways aren't that bad, though.

  16. So still no release date!??? I didnt see anything about them droping!!!! So how you guys going to cop??????^^^^

  17. Who ever said they don't buy shoes for the name is lying because all of us buy J's. Some of those J's when they first released would have been called ugly but we bought anyway. Name recognition is why we buy most shoes. The shoe itself though is hot. Stop hatin if you don't like then don't buy.

  18. The shoe sound interesting; I think I will try to read them later. We think maybe they were going to spray paint the shoe. Well the beige/orange or black/red/white ones will not be as long as em.

  19. I would cop…. The 2 colorways that are shown are okay…. they get the cop status. Some of the ones online posted or the ones he has worn on tour have been out of pocket but I think if these would come out in the fall I would snatch up a pair… or the tan orange joints.