Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Grey

Obviously one of the most talked about sneaker collaborations, the Nike Air Yeezy saga continues with pictures of a black and grey model popping. Unfortunately, these pictures just keep West and Nike followers in suspense as there still is no solid information regarding production or a specific release date.

But what we do know is that these Air Yeezy’s are very simple and the combination of leather and suede go perfectly with soft black and grey color-way. Stay posted for more info. Via Werd2BigBird.

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Grey
Nike Air Yeezy – Black / Grey

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  1. I saw Jay-z in concert, last weekend in Leipzig (outside Berlin), anyway. He was wearing what seemed to me, all blk patent leather Air Yeezy.

  2. these suck ass. its funny how yall jump on celebs dicks. i rock what i want not because somebody else got em

  3. lol, we like them because they look hot not because who they're name after dickhead. P.S. These sneaks are sick

  4. The yeezy is bangin in a way, and in a way its ugly as fuck. But cool to add to the collection. I'm wit it. not campin out though.

  5. Mmm, this is the only way to watch fuck. There are Leipzig where a way have there studios/stores.

  6. Lets get serious, if Kanye didnt endorse these there would be much less hype, cmon now, this is one ugly ass sneaker.

  7. DSTACKA, ur a f*cking idiot. these are hot kicks and you obviously cant see that. which is why ur the type that rocks G-unit sneakers and payless shoes.

  8. nuff of the haters…this shoe is clean…hightop, big tongue, and a strap, what more do you want…everyone that talks shit will be tryin to copp when they see that EVERYONE will try to copp, there were alot of haters with the mcflys, and this shoe is no different…peace

  9. ehhhh kinda boring…but ok…i mean i like the shoe…but there is not enought….i dunno flavor or color…but its cool if u just want a straight black shoe

  10. ^^^


    to be honest… the air yeezy is a nice shoe… i understand its a mixture of alotta retroed shoes… but its still nice to see somethin other than the same style retros wit different colors…

    i honestly think that if it was name somethin else… it wouldnt get as much hype… but it would still get some love cuz the shoe is nice… but the fact that 'Ye West slapped his name and endorses them… makes the shoe a lil mmore attractive jus cuz 'Ye got sick swag (no homo)…

    I'd cop… and i hope they drop…

    and one last thing… waddup wit these guys so excited to be 1st Comments?… do yall refresh all day till u see a new article?

  11. Pretty simple design, absolutely rockable. I actually dont wanna pick em up bcuz Kanye endorsing em… Cocky Balboa…

  12. They aight man..but they aint sick…regualr ol folks said Ye endorses it so folks gone cop regardless…

  13. I think they are dope. And wish more artist would mess wit nike. I cant wait for them to drop. This shoe is gettin about as much hype as a pair new Jordans!!

  14. Look, if you don`t like the shoe, you don`t buy the shit. There`s no need to start saying that Kanye`s music is bad or whatever, because the shit has nothing to do with the shoe. If you don`t like the music, that`s just your taste of music. And no, I don`t think Kanye is `the best rapper alive`, so don`t start calling me a `Ye stan or something like that.

    It`s obvious that the shoe would be less hyped if it wasn`t for Kanye, but that doesn`t take away how the shoe looks. If the shoe wasn`t a `Ye collaboration, I`d still want them. I just hope they release them in Europe and the price card won`t be over 150€-175€.

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