Let the madness begin!

Tonight Kanye delivered not only with his performance but also with his footwear. The ‘Zen Grey’ Yeezy 2 officially made its debut by the only artist that could do them justice, Yeezy himself.

The Yeezy 2 is said to release in November so get your sleeping bags and chairs ready. Check out all the detailed images after the jump!






Via Deftronic & DeadstockNYC


  1. Google me says:

    Seen these and I was in love<3

  2. AF-1['82]Luv23['85] says:

    Man, can only imagine what the scene will be when these supposedly drop the same day as the AJ III “Black Cements”. I hope the date is separate, so I can cop the AJ III “Black Cements”.

  3. Do they sell Air Yeezys in grade school sizes ?

  4. Most overhyped and wackest shoe ever.

  5. Knizzle30 says:

    @AF1 …. What size you looking for in the black cement 3, I got two 10.5, two 12, one 9.5, I just sold my sizes 13, & 11.5. Check me out on the “bay” Id: knizzle30. 100% authentic 2011 release Jordan 3 with retro box, tissue paper, design booklet, shoe trees. Hit me up on the bay for pics

    1. AF-1['82]Luv23['85] says:

      I appreciate ur concern, but I wear a sz. 9 lol. I’ve heard it’s one of the most common size that sells out in a blink of an eye SMFH! For how much are u selling ’em?


    What if YEEZY was worn by Scalabrine not Kanye?… will it be hyped?

  7. Absolutely the ugliest shoe ever! why the hell does kanye west have a sneaker anyways?

  8. anthony23 says:

    it more than a sneaker, its more than some random artist make a shoe, cuz we seen plenty ppl make shoes that are wack, cmon now shaq has shoes at payless lol ! kanye is a icon dope beats dope rapper, girls money all that shit, plus the yeezys are dope kicks so it works, of course he had to take the sole from the 3s to do so, otherwise they would be wack. plus its all amount gettin money these days, so i will be camping out to get these just to sell em to the retarded ppl who fall victim to hype.

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