Discussion: Element of Surprise

Discussion: Element of Surprise



What if release dates were no more?

We asked this question via Twitter and were surprised by the response. Some of you preferred to have release dates while others thought it would bring a little more excitement back into the sneaker world.

Honestly, I could go either way on this one. If we no longer had release dates, it would make things a little more interesting. Campouts would be a thing of the past, resellers could possibly be taken out of the game altogether, with the exception of consignment shops, and only those with sheer determination and persistent store checkups would be able to obtain the sneakers they desired… at retail price.

On the other hand, I need to have a schedule. I appreciate the fact that I can map out my calendar each month and prepare for a release.

When the LeBron 8 V2 Low released, there wasn’t an official release date. They just sort of started to pop up at certain retailers, and then trickled to online shops such as Eastbay & Finish Line. This sort of threw me off. I actually missed out on the ‘Sprites’ because there was no way for me to know when and where they were going to hit retail. However, there were restocks. I ended up strolling into my local store and seeing them just sitting there on the shelf and quickly bought a pair, surprisingly, this is also when I saw the ‘Solar Red’ and ‘Blackout’ versions for the first time as they had just received their shipment. While I do prefer a schedule, this was one of my favorite purchases this year, so far, due to the fact that I thought I had missed out and just happened to get lucky the day I decided to head over to the mall.

If there were no official releases everyone would have to hunt… consistently. The work load at retail stores would magnify as everyone would be calling these stores every week trying to figure out when their next shipment was going to arrive.

It’s possible that if release dates were to disappear, the violence that has re-emerged as of late would be no more. If everyone had to hunt, maybe we wouldn’t have the random death or robbery during or after a sneaker release.

Again, I could really go either way. What about you? How would you feel if release dates were removed from the equation? Would this bring back that giddy feeling after you finally found what you were looking for? Could this complicate things to a degree where you may possibly lose interest in obtaining that next pair? So far there is one thing that everyone seemed to agree upon, hunting for sneakers is fun… if release dates were no more; would that bring the fun back into the swing of things?

Share your thoughts with us below and let us know how you’d feel if this were to happen.