The Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” release has sparked a lot of talk within the online sneaker community today. And then, we all got the cryptic release tweet from Nike iD, which sparked some rumors online. Unfortunately, there is no Nike iD Air Yeezy 2 arriving anytime soon. The Nike Air Yeezy 2 Nike iD Rumor is false; it was a photoshopped picture done by sneaker aficionado, Sean Go. For those of you disappointed, don’t be too down. We still got some exciting news coming Nike in the morning! In the meantime, check out Sean Go’s gallery of sneakers and give him props for having sneakerheads going nuts today! Lol (Photo via @SGO8)


  1. Nike make it happen. Do it for the people who actually want the shoe. Someone at Nike at has to know that none of these that sold, got sold to people who were gonna throw these on feet once they got home. Every person that copped these was only to throw these on ebay, instead now a person is someone out there that got got for their 245 retail pair of yeezys.

  2. Its not fair why u do this nike it cost u 10 $ to make yeezys u can charge 400 or 350 let us nike id yeezys pls


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