Nike Air Stab Womens White/Volt/Dark Army

Nike has started sending this Nike Air Stab Womens to retailers around the world. You can easily say this pair is unique (not saying you like them) with the use of White/Cerise/Volt/Dark Army. Retail is $89.99 and available now at Finishline.


  1. This colorway is LOUD! To loud for the ladies. Even my daughter(who's a kicksfiend like her pops')was'nt felling these. I'm glad they're focusing on more colorways for the Air Stab but, this one is far from the best. Personally, I like the AS and, hope they do better colorways or, the AS does'nt have a chance in the game, with all the other Nike models in way better colorways out there. 2 **'s and a 1/2 outta' 5.


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