Nike Air Penny III (3) - Black / Black - Varsity Royal

Nike has already gave early Christmas gifts to many stores and those anticipating their 2009 collection and the Air Penny III (3) has just been delivered to Vault. This Air Penny III sports a black and varsity royal colorway reminiscent of his Orlando Magic days. The sneakers consist primarily of black with accents of varsity royal on the sole and heel tab. Get your pair before scheduled release at Vault and stay on the look out for other colorways of the Air Penny III available starting next year.

Nike Air Penny III (3) - Black / Black - Varsity Royal


  1. Fu$k being first i got these already yall and the purple dopes .just to keep yall posted my guy at nike inc got me the red and black 23's they aight but not for $230 nothing new for 09 from jordan just a bunch nike that came out before, but a must have is going to be the griffey's

  2. F*** the penny 3's retro the penny 1's those is one of the hottest pair of nike's ever made…WTF? Nike always retroin the ugly shi* They need to retro the black/red jordan 13 too…man nike slippin. I'll give em credit they did retro the Air Max 95's. And I need the OG white/gray Pippen 1 with the OG air pocket which the retros have a small ass air pocket not like the OG's but of course there the same price. Who makes these dumbass decisions??????

  3. To everythingidamust

    where the hell you been at? the XIII's been retro'd

    To Swerv1n

    Penny I's already been retro'd as well.

    yall better go cop from some reseller.

  4. Hey yo I kinda like this shoe but its lookin a little funky for me. Im all for this retro thang but they doin it for the wrong shoes sometimes. This s**t lookin like a hybrid between a foampoastle and jordan 13.

  5. Damn these are funky, im all diggin the penny 1's but these some weird lookin jordan XIII/foamposites stuff. I won't be rockin these.

  6. i got em off nike. fairly cheap a good winter style shoe for the rain because I don't hoop. but the blue ones are better

  7. Sideshow20…i know the penny 1's been retroed but they were the chicago red penny 1's i'm talkin about the actual OG blue/white/black pair. They f up alot of retro's. They ruined the Air Pippen 1 retro cause they made the air unit smaller and to me looks stupid after owning the OG white/gray pairs. Compare them and u'll see. Why make the pocket smaller what did that accomplish i was all hyped up for nothing. They retro some shoes in a whole different way then the OG that s*** is aint really a retro if u change the whole shoe up. Like makin the Jumpman backwards on my 2 XI (11) CDP…WTF??? And i know they retroed the XIII (13) jordan but i want the black/red retroed. Merry Christmas my fellow shoe feins.

  8. I'm waitin to get those Nike 1/2 Cent Penny Fusions and I can't wait. I'm buyin two pairs to keep. Maybe 3…hardest shoes comin out next year.

  9. IM BEGINNING TO THINK NIKE RETROS SHOES THAT DIDNT SELL AS MUCH AS THEY ANTICIPAted. they proably have stockpiles of crap they need to get rid of.

    examples:jordans 17-22,these pennys,foamposites but they know now people like myself have gotten use to droping 180+ on shoes but wouldnt do that back in the 90s,jordan 12s in the cdp,jordan 10,jirdan 15,and some barkleys;espically those with sir charles on the bottom. the stuff we think is ugly now we will see again in 5-10 years in new spacy colorways that these new generation show fiends will die for.

  10. nike has the ability to retro what the people want and why they arent is a mystey to me. they could make truck loads/ mother loads of cash but theyre not for a reason. proably so they can charge like 400 bucks for them in 2021. remeber chuck taylors were like 5 bucks back in the day and they average 50 now so imagine the jordans that people love in a few more years. were already paying 200 now. you really can't get any tight nikes under 160 now.


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