Nike Air Penny 2 - Black / Varsity Royal / White

Definitely a timeless classic, Nike’s Air Penny 2 makes it return with a bold retro look consisting of the traditional Orlando Magic colors, black, varsity royal, and white. Of course the sneakers also feature the traditional “1 cent” logo at the back of the sneaker. We’ve seen a plethora of retro models including signature shoes from Scottie Pippen and other previous athletes, however the Air Penny 2 seems to stand out among the rest and are available now at Proper.

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  1. WOAH! BETTER THAN THE PIPPEN 1'S! don't get me wrong, these are fresh but they're not touching those pippens!

  2. I got these from last Friday & they sold out the same day but they got in a full size run today….get em asap…

  3. the pippen's are everywhere I believe these will be everwhere. I'ma wait to use a coupon on them

  4. these are smokin..cant wait to cop!!! wish the kobe line was half this good. cant they use this shoe as a guide for the kobe line..super light..nice mid top and a cool design…i love these!!! cant wait to cop!

  5. I bought these on Pickyourshoes for 139.99. They sold out that same day. Now they are 159.99. And yes, these look better than the Pippen's.

  6. I bought these on Pickyourshoes for 139.99. Now they are 159.99. And yes, these look better than the Pippen's.

  7. I just bust a mad nut son oh shittttt there's another 1 these are my favorite of all time beside the Jordan 4s I need to cop these for real thank U lord thank U Jesus after all these years they blessed us with these again.

  8. What is the real release date for these? One site said 9/27, I called Footlocker they said no later than 10/11. was sold out that same day…just give me a release date plz!!!!

  9. Man, these shoes came out a week ago @ all the malls and didn't even notice it, cuz everyone was probably thinkin the release date was actually in Oct