Nike Air Max Plus x Air Max 97

It’s been awhile since the hybrid models from Nike have popped up in large amounts, but this might be the start of it coming back. Pictured above is a mix between the Air Max Plus and the Air Max 97.

Nike has infused the Air Max Plus with an Air Max 97 sole to try to make it look a little bit more appealing. However, it comes up a little short and doesn’t really do the trick. Available now at Bingo Runner.

Nike Air Max Plus x Air Max 97
Nike Air Max Plus x Air Max 97

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  1. not really feelin em…

    the cool grey air max plus

    were the best ones ever made

    another disappointment from Nike

  2. Air Max Plus did well when it had the upper shown in the pictures. Guys got them and the ladies got them too… it was those other uppers for the Max Plus AKA TN's that did not do so well.

    I actually think this look great. Sort of wish they do a TN's and 360 hybrid. (and make sure the upper looks good like this one here… I KNOW YA'LL READING THIS BLOG NIKE!!!)

  3. i just got these last weekend and theres a thread on em

    they are so comfortable

    the are $115 in north carolina

    im bout to get the white and navy blue ones

  4. Hey Im really feelin these, the air max 97 makes it look better than the original bottom, I cant wait til these hits ebay!

  5. I'm feelin these as well. I think the use of the AM 97 sole has some serious potential (as far as hybrids are concerned). Love the color way and the shoe overall. I heard that these were going to be a footlocker exclusive! Guess not!

  6. these are fire (literally), I think imma get a pair for track. Haterz, go buy some fake new balance shit!

  7. does anyone know if footlockers in miami got them or where i can buy em online instead of bingo runner

  8. A couple of people here seem to have found them, but I haven't seen them online yet. I hope when I go to the store tomorrow I can get a closer look at them.

    I need a job at a sneaker store LOL

  9. YES, OMG, im sooo glad nike is coming out with this combo, my two faav pair of air max in one shoe!!! life cannot get any better, im feeling the colorway, im feeling the style, a definite must have, now alls i gotta do is find them