Nike Air Max Lebron VIII New ImagesThe Air Max Lebron VIII images had popped up quite some time ago in both an all white and black/red version. Afterwards we heard nothing about his new signature.

Today we have a look at not one, but two new versions of LBJ’s 8th signature sneaker.

Queen King James was spotted wearing an all black pair of Air Max Lebron VIIIs that had no Flywire on any part of the shoe. While the Queen’s King’s Manager, Maverick, was seen with a low top version draped in navy blue.

Let us know what you think and view more images after the jump.

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  1. Hey sneakerfiles kind of F’ed up how yall callin the man Queen James, then go and scratch it out. If yall gon hate just come out and do it. Damn report the shoe not the man, that’s what this site about right. Regardless of yall opinion is people gon still by his shoes, jerseys, and tell me if any of yall would turn down some Heat tickets to see him play. Aint even a real fan of his but I aint a fan sneak dissin either. So everybody get ur lube cause its gon be a lot dick ridin when the season start.

  2. He's got a point Brian, aren't you supposed to be neutral. Then again it's your site, your rules.

  3. why are you gettin so mad? its his site, can do whatever he wants. you act like his opinion is gonna hurt lebron in anyway

  4. For reals man lighten up. I thought it was funny. The point was to scratch it out otherwise it would have been DELETED you F*ing retard! Only 'rider I see here is you Westside. Lebron has brought all this upon himself anyway, self proclaimed King without a RING… for the time being anyway.

  5. It was a joke… lighten up guys. Scratching it out was on purpose. Im not a Lebron fan or hater, the media is what makes this whole issue so funny. Its just basketball and sneakers, not the end of the world.

  6. LOL I only clicked on the title cause I just knew there were going to be talks about the queen James joint but anyway the shoes are nice!

  7. kicks onfire is better anyways! Should have quit this lame site after the air randy debacle!!!!

  8. Looks like stinker files. I mean sneaker files needs to create childish humor for posts to be seen. Looks like kixandthecity and nicekicks going forward. Just good reads and always on their new ish faster on the other websites.

  9. Nike completely took the same "basic" frame from the vii's and changed exterior design…I'm going to have to past just on that fact.

  10. Soo this site still has a URL??? Thought haters disappeared along time ago when we got our president. silenced all the critics except for sneakerfiles

  11. luv the sneak! not feelin the queen sh#t at all!!! stick to just speakin on the sneaks hommie!!!