In an effort to spread the popularity of what many think is already the best signature Lebron shoe model to date, Nike and Lebron have kicked off the “More Than A Game” world tour- hitting places like the U.S. capital, Chicago, and Lebron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio. On Monday, August 24th, the tour goes abroad to China- where the country as a whole has been embracing NBA basketball with a strong vigor over the past couple of years.

Lebron and Nike take their tour through to Beijing first, where Lebron won his first Olympic gold medal last summer and which inspired the first Lebron VII design pictured here. Then on the 26th they visit Shenyang, and Shanghai on the 28th- the inspiration for the last two shoes, respectively, that commemorate China’s cities. Check out all three designs here after the jump, and let us keep you updated on any further developments.

Via HK-Kicks.

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