Lebron James recently donned his own pair of the Nike Air Max Lebron VII “Christmas Day” in a successful effort to lead his Cleveland Cavaliers passed Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers on the actual holiday. While millions worldwide were watching, perhaps no people more intently than New Yorkers. And for many of us the best gift possible would be Lebron James himself wrapped in a New York Knicks jersey come next NBA season. For now, however, we’ll have to settle for a shot at snagging the sample pair of Nike Air Max Lebron VII lows pictured here. It sports a colorway similar to that of the New York Knicks’ team colors- coming in a predominantly blue upper with white and orange accents throughout. Some of the detailing on this particular sample includes an orange midsole with white speckles, white shoe laces with orange speckles, and something that reads “I (Lebron James lion logo) NY” on the underside of the sole. For those of you who will decide to test your luck- safe bidding!
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  1. usually a low is a "low top" version of the shoe. this looks like an entirely different model. plus i thinks alot of people like the new lebron for its fully visible air max sole, which isnt present in this model. thumbs down.

  2. why is there a new york colorway of all the lebrons lately? like the 7s…has lebron already told nike hes gonna sign with the knicks? hes a trader