Although the Air Jordan Spizike made somewhat of a splash in 2009, it seems to make even more noise in 2010. Many Jordanheads are already anticipating Spizike releases such as the “Do You Know” and “Grape” pairs, but team Jordan Brand doesn’t seem to be done with the Air Jordan Spizike model just yet. Pictured here is yet another Air Jordan Spizike rumored to see a 2010 release. It sports a perforated upper as well as cement grey and varsity royal blue accents. What are your thoughts on not only the colorway, but how the perforated look mixes with the Air Jordan Spizike silhouette? As always, stay tuned here for more release information as soon as we have it for you.

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  1. I love Spizikes, but just cant accept the perforation here. The color combo as well is just very unappealing, no relevance. Lookin forward to the grapes tho…

  2. whoever is in charge of the jb design department needs to get took out gang land style, but seriously, if these are the new grapes, why in the whole wide world do they keep tryna throw that lil bit of red in? it's like the blue jumpman on the bred spizikes, it totally kills the shoe, but i'm not gonna lie, if they took out that red, i'd pick these over the grape spizikes

  3. THESE ARE TRASHHHHHH. Jstrizzo is right. They ARE GARBAGE>!!!!!! Polka DOts Are Wack……there even putin polka dots on the 1s. JB is tripin..!!!

  4. I love the Spiz'ikes, but the 23 on the heel just doesnt fit. the all over elephant print is what made the backs look like the 3's. just dont see what they are thinkin.

  5. cant fade dat Perforated shyt an da 23 over the elephant print ji like needs ta b trashes too.. keep da print lose da stitch