Nike Air Max 97 Blur/Bright Cactus/Rustic/Dark Army

If your a fan of the Nike Air Max 97, then here is something that may excite you: A new pair of the AM 97 released in Blur, Bright Cactus, Rustic Dark Army.

Overall, we think this Nike Air Max 97 has a great color lineup, and even better for the Fall/Winter. Available now for $139.99 at Finishline.


  1. son i wanted dese but i didnt kno if it came out or not damn and i got the other air max hope i cop dem on my bday lol any body makin any donations lol j/p

  2. son u dont kno i wanted dese sneakers in the beginning of the skool year but i couldnt find it i guess it didnt come out yet hope i get dem for my bday cuz dey lookin sexcii just from one view u feel me lol anybody makin any donations lol j/p


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