Nike Air Max 1 x 360 Hybrid Black / Anthracite

Although it is getting hot for the darker colors, some of us can handle it, and actually pull it off during the summer time. Nike has made a special model for those interested, the Nike Air Max 1 x 360 hybrid in Black / Anthracite.

This Nike Air Max 1 x 360 features a smooth Black synthetic leather, Black suede, and a Black perforated toe box. Available now on Eastbay.


  1. this is fukked up…i was just on Eastbay looking for some blacked out air assaults, bc all i really wear are the jet black AF1 lows… I was thinking to myself all last week, "why don't they have a murdered out 360?"

    Looks like they do… good shit. I can't imagine these will sell well, but i'm copping as we speak.

    My only beef with this shoe is it should be ALL full grain leather..imo

    I'll Wear these joints on the rainy days when the L train stops are all grimey.

    by the way, welcome back sneakerfiles!! site was down for like 5 days?? or was it just me haha

  2. Nah bro, ^^^ it was not just you!!! This site was definately down, I was trying to access it from multiple different computers! Anyway, I know the AM 1/360 hybrids are getting alot of hate but personally I like them. I am also a fan of all black colorways! When you deal with bad wheater conditions, its the only way to go!

  3. might cop but i already have a pair of the origional 360s i got for liek 80 and i think 160 for these is a stretch

  4. Yep the site was down…

    Got them few weeks ago, and picked them up at the Customs office yesterday (Berlin, Germany).

    Had to pay 40% + … assholes!

  5. now i see why the site was down…

    Mr. Sneakerfile was gettin paid by Sprite ahahahahaha…

    get money my man…i ain't mad atchu


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