Nike Air Force 1 Supreme - Obsidian/University Blue

Hitting the shelves in February, this Nike Air Force 1 Supreme features Black, Obsidian and University Blue. A soft Black leather upper, Blue mid-sole and White sole is a combination that hasn’t been seen in the past and is one of the nicer upcoming releases. The release date is 03/08/2008 and will be limited to Urban accounts and Niketowns and will retail at $200. Via Juebankongjian.

Nike Air Force 1 Supreme - Obsidian/University Blue
Nike Air Force 1 Supreme - Obsidian/University Blue


  1. Another one of my fav kicks the AF1 but these are ones that I will not be purchasing. Just not my style.

  2. we have seen this before with da clear bottom n with the world tour packs that came out last summer. lets see somthing worth buying.

  3. They look pretty clean to me. The inside looks comfortable. The material looks pretty high quality.Those are the shell toes too so they're probably not going to crease on you.

  4. eeerrr..the colorway is nice but it looks like they can get creased even if you only wear them for an hour…and $200 for those?? haaaah they must be buggin cuz they dont even look durable..

  5. One word: Lovely. Nike has done it again. I like how they incorporated the AIR & the line on the bubble, nice touch.

  6. These shoes are live !!!! and for everybody thats hatin on these kicks must wear only Hyped up Jordans & Sb Dunks. $200 is nuthin compared $310 packs

  7. yo niccuh deez shoes iz ill az fuk mayne wutchu sayin dey ugly dey fyre u jus do u imma do me imma cop 3 pairs


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