Nike Air Force 1 Stash x Futura Wins Nike1Vote

Down to the wire, the Nike Air Force 1 Stash x Futura has prevailed, and won New York’s Nike1Vote contest. A struggle with the Purple 1993 Nike Air Force 1 Highs, the Stash x Futura AF1 will officially release as a New York exclusive. We will be covering a release date and pictures of the Stash x Futura Air Force 1.


  1. Dudes is dumb for voting these over the hard to find high top Purple air force, for real you can still find these on Ebay and and now because of that you will find more cuz dudes are gonna be selling their pairs before the value goes down. Word UP!!!!!!!

  2. these arnt bad, but the decisions were the worst. i voted in philly and they didnt have anything really worth voting for except maybe the rasheed allstar highs. everythig else was gr/euro stuff that came out between like 05-now, or most stuff that you can still get easily. didnt the stash's come out in ny? why bring back the same damn sneaker to the same spot?! utter waste, but i need a connect in baltimore….

  3. Some of ya need sneaker info 101.These are the hyperstrikes that were given to freinds and family not the ones that came out to the public. Heance the fact everyone was voting for them . Its not like you could just go to flight club and find a pair of these for 300 like the ones that came out

  4. your all a bunch of twits…..if u know some1 with a pair of these FRIENDS AND FAMILY stash's i would be VERY surprised

    your all chumps neway thou

  5. ^^^ OH WOW they're hyperstrikes but look just like the 300 dollar ones on vintagekicks. Get off the dick. Are You fools really slobbering all over these forces because they have Stash's name tagged on the toe bumper? Be foreal doggy…Purple highs all day

  6. hype previals again, just put stash and futuras names out and these things takes it. personaly i think there were atleast 15 better looking forces released in 07. if they didnt have stash and futura and they werent known as friends and family these shts wouldnt have a chance. I'm with the hi's all the way and i put in my votes so im steamin on this one these shoes look like some rejects for this years philly series with stash and a lil graf on the back

  7. i stopped by transit in Soho where they were having the votes and there was one dude there for at least.. AT LEAST 2hrs!! AT LEAST TWO HOURS!!! voting for these shoes consistently and consecutively and whatever else means a lot of freaking times… i personally wanted the HTM's croc skin ones 2 win but after seeing that no other shoe had the chance.. and just so i wont be shown up later the purple highs went through the same ordeal but thats after people found out about the transit fiasco..

  8. I doubt its that you people dislike the stash's its more probable that you just cannnot make it NY to buy em. I guess on the otherhand that there are alot of people with "questionable sexuality" that just want purple shoes to wear with their rainbow pride shirts. Stashs are the best shoe on the vote. Peace, Ill be on a flight to NY for the day to grab em. get ur stacks up & u wouldnt have to lie about your sadness. peace

  9. it's fun to see mixed opinions about the winners, i mean, when they first announced the shoe with the stash and futura lasering was for the nov 2005 solecollector event. then the shoes didn't release at the event and everyone was tight. then they released the shoes without the lasering and everyone was tight, now the shoe will release witht he lasering and ya all sound tight? make up ya mof'ing minds people!! true that the purple highs were unique and old steez which is dope, but me personally, i hate all white midsoles and outsole combos…thats just me….not sure about the voting process or how it was conducted but, hey, its another shoe that will be exclusive to nyc!! and the f&f hyperstrikes go for way more than 300 at fcny, its upwards of 1500….so be glad if ya can get apair for retail when they drop…..


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