Over the years, we’ve seen that the Western Conference team usually sports a red colorway during the NBA All-Star Game, while the Eastern Conference team usually sports blue. But Nike has apparently also chosen to prepare a white patent leather Nike Air Force 1 low for the 2010 All-Star Game in case you wanted to be bipartisan and sport a more neutral colorway. Does a white upper make this shoe less likeable than one with more color? Or do you think this colorway is necessary?

Via Kinetics.

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  1. although these shoes r nice… The logo is dope… the All Star Game is all about flash… the only shoes that are remembered from all star games r the flashiest. (remember Pippen's red nikes?) They need to throw on a little more color…

  2. Dam! Why da white part had 2b patent leather?! Smh.. I lik da neutral look tho. Its clean as fcuk!