December 10th 2006 Nike launched their 25th Anniversary campaign with appearances from Nas, Rakim, Kanye West and KRS-1 at Gotham Hall in New York City. Above is KRS-1 starting the event off right. This was stated by worshipworthy about the event:
“The 150 VIP guests of Nike stayed at the London Hotel on 54th Street and received loads of goodies in each of their rooms. Swag included a fresh pair of white on white AF1’s in an impressive white lacquered wooden shoebox, a pair of Nike AF1 branded shoe trees, an iPod Nano filled with images of the top 100 versions of the Air Force 1 and a “One Night Only” 14 song playlist, a pair of Tiffany’s Sterling Silver AF1 sneaker jewels, a box of hand engraved notecards by Mrs. John L. Strong, a copy of Sole Provider, a Diptyque candle, 3 bottles of SEI water, a variety of Altoids chewing gum, a box of Mallomars.”

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Kid Capri introduces Rakim

Rakim, Nas, Kanye and KRS-1 onstage together

Nas- Made You Look

Kanye West performs

Buckshot freestyles

KRS-1 tries to get Jadakiss onstage

KRS-1 is better than you