After seeing Wale show off his pair of the Nike Air Foamposite One “Copper” on twitter and getting detailed pictures of the sneaker via Nike retailers, a concrete release date has been announced. As it now stands, the “Copper” Nike Air Foamposite One is slated to release on February 13, 2009 and retail for $200, just like the “Eggplant” pair. Who’s girlfriend out there loves him so much he thinks she’ll go through whatever to buy him these bad boys as a Valentine’s day gift?

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  1. Come on sneakerfiles that's the best picture u could find? I'm playin. These are copped sir X 2

  2. My homie copped these early and the "icey" bottoms look more grey than anything. Still dope, but I was expecting CLEAR and they look more grey

  3. i saw these in person….they lo0k waaaaaayyy better than this b.s picture….trust they r hot!

  4. deez r nice!!!a must for tha collection!

    one more thang….has anybody seen people tryin to sag there skinny jeans??…it's fukKin hilarious!!queers jus stay queer!!!and qiut tryin to b thug..fukKin maggets!!if this ofends u thats means i'm talkin bout U….

  5. 9 more month until i get a job and work, then I could buy all the mikes and Js i want, I only got 3 pair of js had more but I got DS bred 11s cdp,ds playoff 12s and Olympic 7s my collection is starting off good note I will were the once I grow .5 in shoe size

  6. I like them, but there's too much going on in Feb.

    Jordan Bred 6s and Motorsports… these are my 3rd choice… I'll cop if there's money left in my pockets

  7. ^ dude you gonna put those ugly bred VI's over the foams? sorry for me the foams are 1st, the MS VI are 2nd and the bred VI arent even on my radar. hell i think i would cop the bred spiz'ikes before the bred VI! lol

  8. ^Buddy lost his mind, foams are sum of the ugliest joints out there, and are the epitome of a hype beast shoe, another name and brand and these would have never seen the light of day, and I'm still trying to figure out where ppl live that they can rock that crap and not get laughed outta the next 4 counties, seriously, the color and all is off on these, not worth there weight in feces

  9. ^i dunno where u claim homie but foamposites always been hittin. its just you have to try harder to match these particular joints. i dont think they will be a general release i think its going to be new york dc maryland and house of hoops release again.

  10. Curse u HOH (Shakes fist in air)!!! I really hate the fact that HOH ALWAYS gets every exclusive shoe coming out. Once again I have to look to ebay for this and even a higher premium just to come out with the Duracells AKA Coppertops (my unofficial nickname).