2010 has been a delight so far for those of us sneakerheads out there who are avid fans of the Nike Air Foamposite One. In early Spring we got the “Copper” Foamposite Ones that one of this silhouette’s biggest fans besides myself, Wale, was again seen sporting as recently as his Coachella 2010 opening act in Indio, California. Then, we were treated to a re-release of the “Eggplants” after just having seen them drop last year as well. But Nike seems to PERHAPS be leaving the best for last, as rumors are still out there regarding both a Pearl and Royal Blue Nike Air Foamposite One release towards the latter part of the year. The black/red ice Nike Air Foamposite One pictured here, however, is no rumor. This pair sports a red transluscent sole that gives it its “Cough Drop” nickname, while the predominantly black shell upper contains touches of red as well. These will be dropping on a VERY special person’s birthday (::cough cough::)- June 19. So get your wallets/pockets right!
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  1. Well this will be a nice change. Now instead of having yellow soles, these will last much longer in the look and feel of a new pair. Nice. Probably cop, but I already have the Copper and might just get the Royal blue instead. Still though, very nice shoe.

  2. U cannot b serious ppl?!?!? Dez already came out!!!! I had da black/cactus (lime green) joints bac in '08 and dez came out wit them da same day!! C'mon Nike…. smfh

  3. foamposites are one of the ugliest shoes ive ever seen. Never understood why people like em…just my opinion

  4. These never came out the ones that came out with the cactus ones had red but it wasn't icy red I might consider copping

  5. These Did Not Come Out Before. The Ones In 07 Were Solid Bottom. The Cactus's Would Be Good With Icey Green Soles.