All the way back in the first week of January 2010 we informed you that the Nike Air Diamond Turf would be making a return this year. Now we would like to not only show you great shots of this white/black-sport red-metallic gold colorway, but also inform you that this particular pair will be hitting the shelves of select Nike retailers including FootLocker locations nationwide this coming June. Many have been waiting for a return of “Neon” Deion Sanders’ first signature Nike shoe, and now that it is so close, don’t be surprised if the hype begins to once again start building up.


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  1. nice shoes, i love it, there also got new jordan 2010 wade shoes from this website.

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  2. BOOOOOOO!!!!! they need to come out with the diamond turf 2's…those are the greatest deion's ever

  3. i got these off ebay last fall for 79 and they are ther originals and i worre them once so they are dope boy fresh

  4. Its funny that they bring them back out becuase i got a pair of these a couple years ago at a Champs for 30 bucks…bet they cost like 130 now…lol

  5. Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?