Nike Air CB34 Godzilla Retro Catalog Pictures

Lately, it has been difficult to find a Original pair of Nike Air CB34 on Ebay, that is not fake. Coming soon we will not have to wait anymore, since two color ways have been confirmed to release. The Black and Purple pair we have seen in the past, but this is the first time for the Black and Red. Some of you might remember why the Nike Air CB34 is nicknamed Godzilla, for those of you that don’t, Nikes marketing campaign was Sir Charles going against Godzilla. If you have not seen any commercials, visit Youtube. A release Date has not been issued yet, but when one is available we will post it. Via docious.

Nike Air CB34 Godzilla Retro Catalog Pictures
Nike Air CB34 Godzilla Retro Catalog Pictures

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  1. i dont give a damn what commercial he wore them in them things esppecially the blk/white/purple ones are hella tight

  2. i dunno, the only barkley joints that i winona ryder'd were the OG alpha force, and the OG air force 180…the godzillas are nice, but i doubt i cop.

  3. I also want the Alpha Force 1 Retroed Too….I thought they were gonna because certain colorways of the Alpha Force 2 Did Well….even those ugly NBA Colorways.

  4. mane whoever don't like the black and red 1z can kiss my ass. those joints go harder the the blacks even though they both fire. mane dem black and redz so sick I get woozy lookin at em

  5. Yeh rocked these back in 7th grade. Nice to hear they coming back. Hopefully they won't f these up like the DT 96's

  6. i just have a question that i am curious to know the answer to. are cb 34 nike air force ones real because i got some and i dont want to wear them if they fake

  7. I am having a very hard time finding a pair of the black & purple in a size 10.5, can anyone help!?!?!?!?