Nike Retro CB4 Low

Even though this pair of Nike Retro CB4 were not worn during the battle Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla, this pair has obtained the nickname. Lately their has been a ton of fake Nike Retro CB4 Low on ebay, so be careful not to mistake a fake pair with a authentic sample. A personal favorite to many, this pair will hit retail stores Fall/Holiday season 2007.

Edit: This pair is actually the Nike Retro CB34.

Nike Retro CB4 Low

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  1. ^^they come out when you learn to write right and make sense.

    fire ass barkleys best ones ever. i might just cop

  2. ^The funniest part is that your dumbass post was 10x less grammatically correct than his. I love some of the morons on the internet.

  3. lol thats a fat ass shoe. I wonder how they would look in a size 11.5? overall not bad

  4. dude what d hell!!!..

    it should be CB34 not CB4!!!…

    CB4 is cris bosh men!..

    but now bosh is not on converse anymore..his on nike!…

    oh me!..