Nike Air 1/2 Cent - Penny Hardaway Hybrid

Nike has pleased Penny Hardaway these past few weeks supplying several favorites and completes the Penny line with the Nike Air 1/2 Cent, a hybrid sneaker inspired by all the sneakers worn by Penny Hardaway including the Foamposite 1 and Air Max Penny II-IV. The Nike Air 1/2 Cent sports varsity royal, black and metallic silver with a translucent outersole and picture of Penny on the sole. The sneakers will be releasing in March and retail at $190. Also be on the look out for the Air Penny III (3), in-store now. Check out the jump for a black colorway of the Air 1/2 Cent.

Nike Air 1/2 Cent - Penny Hardaway Hybrid

Nike Air 1/2 Cent - Penny Hardaway Hybrid

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  1. does anyone kno if these the griffeys and the eggplant foamposites is droppin in size 7???

  2. @ Cee_loc..they would drop in 7 cuz its a mens size…the shoes are dope nonetheless.BONG.

  3. Give us an exact release date and where to cop. I don't want you to jus pop up 1 day in march with a release date reminder

  4. It had potential but it looks like a bunch of shoes crammed together to me. And for the price tag, ill have to pass.

  5. What a joke:))

    When will all the generic fusions stop???

    Where have all the young designers gone, or old for that matter?

    Nike needs to get some fuckin' heart, call The Wizard Of Oz etc.

    … I'm starting to feel old now, and I'm just past 30… No fun:((

  6. 190!!!!!! too much for this…Not a OG Model…..not cooping…Bring back the Pennys 1 i miss them….got the 2…and looking to coop the 3…

  7. Hot pair of '09 they kinda like a penny 6 ring minus the 6 rings. Definately snatchin a few pairs. I'm good on the black ones though. I still need those penny foamposite 1 and the first air max penny 1 hook it up Nike.

  8. $190 bucks for a shoe this quality isn't that much considering that the foams are $200. I guarantee these will be one of the most sought after shoes of "09. Mark my words…

  9. I just got th 2's and i just bought the 3's on nike's website saturday and I was thinking about buying the blue foamposites next but, I might have to hold out to get these in march .I don't really care for the all black ,I agree with $Werv1n they would've of been better with ice on the bottom.

  10. DAAAAAAAAAAAAM….I can't stop lookin at'em!!!!!! I can't WAIT to rock these come on march hurry up. I'd pay 300 if i had to.

  11. Iced out lil penny only gets views when you're foots up so I'm coppin 8 pairs for my boys up in dem chairs from gettin shot. This fire's gonna be contrastin da chinchilla gucci wheelchair seat, so they might be closet keepers for mah boys

  12. not usually a fan of fusion or hybrid shoes but these are friggin great…can't go wrong puttin all of Penny's shoes together…Lil' Penny needs to make a comeback with some commercials!

  13. i'm not into hybrids but these is fire. Looks clean and also looks comfy to ball in. 2 thumbs up for these.

  14. Can we get a Foamposite Eggplant update…? Eggplants drop next month..$200. Then Penny 1/2 Cent in March…$190 = $390!?!?! Dam i'ma be broke to start the year off. This is the year of Foam. Why not retro the blue Penny Air Max 1 and the blue Penny Foamposite 1 first..Dam I already got the silver flightposite this shit is hard to keep up wit after buying 3 Jordan CDP 11/12!! Give us a break for a minute dam. My feet bout to overdose

  15. Im not sure what the fascination with Penny's are. Sure he was once a great player whose career ended too early unfortunately, but I have never desired for his shoes. I love all types of shoes from Chucks to Jordan's, but Penny's have never interested in me. I know some people adore these, but I honestly can't say I do. It's just my preference.

  16. Nike did a good job on these cuz I was about to call it quits. But if JB don't come with no heat for the 09…. I'm done!!! I'm get on some ol man shit and stay there! No joke

  17. $werv1n check out nike's web site I think they might already be out if not check think I saw them there too good luck.Moneybags!!!

  18. These are way better than the Jordan 2K9. Man the color,concept and excecution are tops.Hope to get 1 or 2 pair. Black ones r tight too.