Nike Aerofit

This surprisingly stylish you see is the Nike Aerofit. These shoes were originally designed by Nike back in 1987. The sneakers will be making their comeback in a slightly tweaked form and will be hitting shops this early fall season. Plenty of colorways will be available for this model! Via theclones.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Nike, but…

    What a Fake Reebok Freestyle!!!!!

    Not exactly the best creative idea of the year…

  2. i love these shoes but they look 2 much like my yellow reebok freestyles….

    i thought Nike had a mind of their own… but they

    r cute tho

    p.s. MORE PICS!!!!

  3. I'm not a huge sneaker buff..basically because I can't afford to buy tons of pairs although I'd like to..(ha) but I'm not familiar with the reebok freestyles so these are definitely awesome to me. Very trendy and cool. I like them a lot. I'd like to see the other colors though!