Nike 1Vote Baltimore Winner - Sakura Ueno

The Nike 1Vote project gives die hard Air Force 1 fans a chance to vote for their favorite pairs of Air Force 1’s. Baltimore has selected one of the rarest and most expensive Air Force 1, the Sakura Ueno. It will be released only in the Baltimore area very soon as apart of the 1Vote contest. Philadelphia is another city with the opportunity to cast their votes for their favorite pairs. New York is the next city that will be voting in January. Via Sneakervilla.

Nike 1Vote Philadelphia
Date: 12.01.2008 – 12.26.2008

Sneaker Villa
4 South 52nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139

Sneaker Villa – Gallery
Gallery II, 1001 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107


  1. F That The Playstation is taking over nyc the playstation are the best, playstation edition are the best color combo

  2. Playstations are whack but perfect for NY cus most NYC colorways or favs are whack. The Sakuras are probably universally respected and admired. The PLAYSTATION WERE JUST RARE, but they didnt look good at all.

  3. I have a pair of the Playstation AF1 # 18/150. I am looking to sell these as I have newer and greater aspirations to look forward to. I am asking $1500 as is selling them for $2500. These are brand new never worn in box. Price is flexible, let's talk.

    [email protected] for info/pics/prices.




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