Nike SB Dunk Low Rayguns 2015

Back in early 2005 Nike released two pairs of SB Dunk Lows known as Rayguns home and away. This was during the hype of the SB line which has fizzled out to a degree. Mind you we think they have a lot of nice releases but the last big release was the Tiffany Highs. A new pair for 2015 has leaked that looks very similar to the Rayguns home.

If you follow Nike SB and know your history, there are a few difference between the 2015 and 2005. For example the red and orange location is flipped, the Alien by the heel is no longer present and it looks like this pair will have suede on the toe box.

The original source who uploaded the image of this Nike SB Dunk Low has stated “Colorway by @pettycrimes”, so it’s possible they are an upcoming collaboration.

Source: @stashedboxes

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