New Nike Air Max 95 x 360

This new pair of Nike Air Max 95 x 360 are made up of everything a sneaker head loves, Safari Print, Patent Leather, Icy Soles and a light cement print. Just like every Nike Air Max Hybrid the midsole consists of a 360 and the uppers on this particular pair is a Air Max 95. Very interesting model, post a comment to let others know what you think. Via Ferrari6888.


  1. I wish they do that for the Air Max 97… in a color I like. I would MUCH aproave of the Winter 97 release using 360 Air.

  2. theyre ok but wheres the "light cement print" if the first side line is it… it looks like chicken scratch and is the reason i dont like them. besides that they look ok. i like the clear sole idea. anyone else notice these would be a bitch to keep crispy? patent leather- u cant use shoe cleaner, itll dull it out then cement & safari print-no water no cleaner, and then icy clear soles which will yellow in a matter of weeks into this blah off-white yellow.

  3. Definitely a very busy shoe. You can't have cement and safari print, that's against the pattern rules! When is Nike going to get off the 90's and the 95 and bring back the 97's


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