New Dave White Air Jordan Paintings

Dave White is an astonishing painter, we all know that but there is something about him painting some of the best Air Jordans to release and putting the picture on your wall. Newly added to Dave White’s website is this painting of the Air Jordan 4 Black/White and Air Jordan 5 Grapes. Three formats are available Gallery Grade, Poster and Canvas which are available now. Via Slam.

New Dave White Air Jordan Paintings


  1. maybe its ok is a moron. why not have shoes on your shirt ? as long as you have the shoes that go with the shirt. if you dont got the shoes that are on your shirt then youre stupid.

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  3. I dont care about the shoes on the shirt thing….just depends on the shirt if you ask me. Sometimes I wont even sport the kicks but rock some Jay flip-flops or something with a shoe shirt. Im pretty selective, tho. Anyway. I dont care what ppl think…..just wanted to comment that I like the paintings but they are a little out of my price range for them. I would have to see them up close and personal before buying. Might be okay in person.


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