New Air Jordan 9.5 Low

The Air Jordan 9.5 will release world wide in a low cut form, which will have many fans of the Jordan 9.5 excited. The first color way up is the White/Silver/Sport Royal/Red and also features a light elephant print through the midsole. Retail is 109.99 and check your local sneaker spots for them.


  1. brand j. needs to stop with these bobcat colorways

    the team is garbage and i think all these future releases with all the orange is a attempt to boost sales for the bobcat gear , tickets ,etc..etc…..

  2. Nick if the shoe fits wear it. They have to know that these are terrible they just don't care b/c they have people like yourself lying to yourself. if you wanna look like a scrub cop em but if you got kids please don't have em lookin like you!!!!

  3. yo those are some of the sickest shoes i ahve ever seen in my entrie liftime ……… i think they should put alot more green shoe sproducts out on the market bc i am froma small town weer are school color is green and its hard to find green shoes

  4. lol jason and nick ya sum funny guys man these kix have 2 b 1 of deworst jb has ever came out wit these shyt r trash

  5. I got the white,grey. and blue ones with the green jordan sign

    not really feeling them…9.5 worst jordan sneaker I ever purchased..


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