Are you looking to purchase the Air Jordan VI (6) “Champagne” or “Cigar” from this weekend’s “Celebration Collection“? Do you have an extra $33,000.00 that you’d like spend on the ultimate party experience in Vegas that includes a ton of kicks, premium cigars, and expensive champagne?

If so, Nas’ 12AM Run sneaker boutique and XS Nightclub is giving you the opportunity to ball out of control with the “Ultimate Vegas Champagne Pack”.

Here’s what spending $33,000.00 will get you:

  • 2 Pairs of Air Jordan VI (6) “Champagne” in your preferred size
  • 2 Pairs of Air Jordan VI (6) “Cigar” in your preferred size
  • 1 3-Liter Ace of Spade bottle
  • 3 matching Ace of Spade Brut Green bottles
  • A dance floor (or stage) table for you and all of your invited guests
  • Premium Cohiba brand cigars for all

If all sounds like a “GO” and you’ve got the cash, contact 12AM Run before June 13th to put in your bid for this once-in-a-lifetime deal.

via 12amrun


  1. So you’d pay 33k for 4 pairs of shoes, 4 bottles of booze, and a table at a night club lol no what the fuck are you smoking a car in that package is basic logic

  2. The only people who could actually afford this is the people who should stay away from sneaker (working class) culture. Stay in your lane you bourgie fucks and stop appropriating our culture!

  3. real shit tho. cuz i dont know not 1 sneakerhead… REAL sneakerhead thats on MY level with over 10 years in this shit that is not a working man or woman that takes care of their family and puts some to side for shit they enjoy

  4. none of the ppl i know effortlessly can cop js for whatever price and then pay 30000 bucks on some drinks and a few smokes lol. cant be mixing the 2

  5. we got rich ass niggas thinking they sneakerheads cuz they can cop whatever.. its not the shoes its the grind to cop and the appreciation that makes you want to grind FOR the shoes that make you a real sneakerhead

  6. All truth bruh! It´s like with these crazy inflated eBay prices the hunt for the grail is hardly even an option for most real sneakerheads nowwadays. Back in the day you could just stumble across some shit for cheap if you were lucky but now it´s like $600+ for any somewhat interesting piece just because these rich kids with their dads credit card or fuckin Perfect pair buying ALL our shit haha