This image of an Atlanta Footlocker went viral yesterday on Twitter. We hope all of our readers were unharmed during the Space Jam mayhem.

Easily the biggest sneaker release of 2009, the Air Jordan 11 Space Jams has caused more ruckus and commotion than the Air Yeezy or any other pair for that matter. Sadly people left sneaker spots empty handed, stores trashed, and people very upset. Finding a pair for retail now at any big chain is near impossible, but since Christmas is a couple days away, you may have some early Christmas cash to spend, and we will assist you in finding your pair. Below is some of the eBay auctions of authentic Air Jordan 11 Retro Space Jams, sadly not at the $175 retail price, but you might find a deal. Please let us know below if you received your pair and how the outcome was.


  1. Simple solution for Jordan brand: make more of the things people want.

    Instead of wasting resources on absolute garbage that only waters down the brand, make desirable retros easier to get.

    Sad to see so many fans not able to buy these when there are inventories overflowing with fusions, lifestyle, and other useless things.

  2. Mine went rather smoooth. I walked into the Footloccker in cheltenham mall in philly and they had my size. I copped and left. very uneventful. lol

  3. i got mine retail preorder price at (checkem out). but what i wanna no is how come they dont make more…i still have my ogs and i can remember getting them about a week after the release….i second what mac says with the over flow of crap fusions out there…just make more of the good ones

  4. Yesterday was the first time I stood line for Jordan's and walked away empty-handed; very, very, disappointing.

    I had my chance: @ 6:00am still had my sizes (11.5 or 12) but I decided to take my chances and stand in line – wrong move.

    As a told my twin brother, "I let all the young punks, thugs, and baby-mamas beat me!"

  5. I agree Jedi_23, I remember back in 2000 when the OG's released, I was actually able to put money down on them at finishline and then just walk in the day they came out and buy them, no questions asked, the same with my 2001 retro Bred 11's. Its sad to see all these places getting trashed because ppl cant get something as simple as a pair of kicks, JB creates all this madness, they should be able to accomodate what people want.

  6. Well camp out was crazy the mall was crowded with like 40+ people waiting out side, we stampeded inside and ran the security guards over got in line for like another half hour and got mine. Probably one of the wildest campouts i've had in a long. It was pretty damn fun.

  7. I like the idea that it is essentially QS, that way less people have them. However, this sale was complete nonsense anyway you look at it. Half the purchasers just putting shoes up to make money off them.

  8. me and my friend camped out all night at our mall for footlocker. we waited till morning in the low 30 degree weather just to get let in and watch the footocker employees buy there pairs before they opened. then they came to the gate and said their shipment didnt come with any size 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5. so there was a mad scramble to the next store which opened later to stand in line. And those f###ing footlocker empoyees took there break and stood by drinking starbucks and laughing at people in line like "we got ours"

  9. i got mine retail in denver

    had to wait 5 hours in the snow

    was second in line got one of the two size 13s

    dudes went mad crazy when these ran out

  10. Hey withay, you sound like someone who collects dunks who ain't even down with jordans. I heard you're favorite pair is your omega 22s. I also heard you're 30, damn that sux

  11. im so glad dat I got my hook ups in philly 4 sneakers cuz I couldn't c myself standing in line in this type of weather and not be able to get what I want btw I had these joints 4 about two wks now thanks villa

  12. Campout was smooth, funny, but took FOREVER… they only let ten ppl at a time and they were lettin ppl buy other shoes. Along with that, dudes were taking their shoes out the box to look at them lik they had never seen jordans b4… I wore my yeezys and everybodys neck broke when I stepped up in line… haha classic

  13. i got mine no problem 2 pairs my finishline got 2 shipments i got one pair at 6am and the sencond at 2pm the manager called me and told me to come and get it beacuse he told me he woud hold another pair for me

  14. Waited 6 hours in the bitter cold in nyc and missed it by 20 people. people were walking out with 5 pairs each and there was a easily over 500 people behind me. We got jerked bigtime

  15. Man it looks like Mac and Jedi need to take a business class. Jordan brand is business. If the market is flooded then the value goes down. Just like "Oh let's flood the market with diamonds" then what genius, surprise the value of diamonds goes down.

  16. WOW…this makes me soooooo happy that i got my pair on saturday from my manager friend at the shoe spot i shop at, retail too…no hassle, no worry, no headache = more sleep…

  17. anyone who waited is a dumb f*** cause this was a general release not a limted release and second umm online shopping ever heard of it . i got mines at 12 in the afternoon "online " so i can sit back and relax and let it come to my house. that's what people get for beasting like feens in need of crack for these to me i love the 11's breds better than thes. thank god i bought 2 pairs of the breds my fav of all time

  18. It went pretty smoothly when I got mine. There had to be over 150 ppl in line in the cold. It was a midnight release and they only let 5 ppl in the mall at a time. Your name had to be on a list in order to get in the mall. If your name wasn't on the list, then you had to wait until all the people were in line and then line up after them. The list had to be 15 pages long, luckly i signed up early.

  19. Got mah size 6 yesterday mornin at 8 AM n Brooklyn,NY at FootLocker it waznt crowded but ppl were mainly lookin 4 men sizes n dat wat sell out quick so i waz lucky 2 get mah kidz size but dez r tru Jordan feenz 4 fitin 4 derr sneakaz ive wud hav also been goin krazy but i got mine wid no hassle n happy becuz datz mah xmaz present dunt worry sneaker headz u wud sum how get ur space jamz Happy Holidayz

    sorry 4 ppl who cudnt get dem

  20. well i had a hookup in a place, and i got my pair, but im pretty heavy (270) and to be reel, that midsole pisses me off. its gona get creases and leaning very easily, and i had a small scratch on the side of my pair, at least i didnt have to stand in line, but still kinda upset

  21. didnt get mine in footlocker b.c dey sold out b4 i could even say spacejam, so had to get them in a local sneaker store for 275 >:o

  22. Waited for four hours for Finishline and Champs in Casleton Mall in Indy to open and was one of the first into the mall. 100+ people sprinted in and I couldn't get to the front of the line. Luckily the true sneakerheads that had been waiting for four hours with me let me in line a little farther up and I still got a pair in my size. Definitely gonna rock em in the spring though, not gonna cop out and flip em.

  23. So glad I got mine, for retail. Easy, walked in Finishline, bought my 10.5, and had a little conversation with the workers, then left.

  24. this did not happen because of the release….I think it happened a couple of days before the release and it is part of smash-and-grabs that has been happening in the Atlanta area

  25. gotta love having a friend in the NBA and especially when hes signed to Jordan Brand and we wear the same size, im loving it i had these 3 weeks ago and also ill have my 6's in about a week and half. feel sorry for all the people who waited and didnt get them it trully sucks but i also would not be camping or waking up in the wee hours of the morning.

  26. I agree with the comments about how limited they were. JB could have produced 2x what they did and still sold out instantly. Here in Australia we got less than 500 pairs (for the entire country) & apparently Japan got 0 pairs. That's ridiculous – JB is just creating disappointment.

    While I got to my regular spot to find the line full of people wanting my size, I lined up a couple of blocks away and was the only 10.5 in the line. So I walked away with both of their 10.5s (snared one for a buddy).

  27. young…had to the same, my girl sat out in the cold since 3 to make sure i got a pair. had 2 gett'em but couldn't get off work, so she hooked it up!

  28. 2000s jams=priceless. 2009's=overated low quality, over priced hype. Jordan brand knows what people want, so they skimped on every level possible except the hype and presentation of the shoe. merry christmas haters and hypebeasts. I will defend my DS pair of jams over the lame repo "jumpman jordans." A salute to all that have the 2000s, im sure you can agree on the quality. Fuck the haters, Im sure the hate will be be brought! Merry Christmas.

  29. I feel bad for the kids that didnt get a pair, and to all the asshole employees who jacked mad pairs fuck you! Also all the dick wads on ebay who jacked mad pairs fuck you! All to make a profit, go invest in something else your making what maybe your money back, you pieces of shit. Hate on me, but fuck you, you spoiled someones day maybe even holiday. you selfish pricks. and to all you hypebeasts keep your shoes in the closet for a year or two then bring them out. you guys are a bunch of pussys. wow you have space jordans, not even jams, get the fuck out of here. you aint shit. Yall mofos are a bunch of scrooges some fuckin lames. Who in their right mind needs 5 pairs of this same fuckin shoe. Yall can eat a fuckin dick, share the wealth, not the greed you punk ass bitches. and to all the lames that fucked up that store you fuckers are insane and a bunch of deliquent ass mofos. merry christmas bitches.

  30. ghost you a lame ass fag, no one gives a fuck! props to 2000 for keepin it real. Now one cares about your $104 you bullshittin as motherfuckerin piece of shit, you can kiss my black ass. You just rubbin it in peoples faces, you gay.

  31. I didnt even sleep the day before they came out. Left the house at 4 A.M. got in line by 4:20. Once they let us in the mall had to run to finshline. But everybody lined up at footlocker. Cuz some super fine broad works there. Mad dude thought they had the hook up. Waited in line at finishline. Got the last size 10. And coped a size 3c for my son. One dude asked me if he could by em for $400. but i said NO. never selling my jays!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. In a earlier comment that stated in 2000 for the OG ones they got them like a day later. For me where I'm from u had to be on it to get them, luckily I had a hook up to get mine. But cats wasn't spending the night and waiting in line for days to cop Jordans. I believe it's just more sneakerheads than back then and that Nike is just not increasing the numbers made. But you have to look at it as would u rather have less number produced and be only a couple of heads seen with them or have them produce large amounts and see everybody on the block rockin the same kicks

  33. I work at a local Champs here in the Bay Area, so I was able to get mine, but damn if I woulda camped out for these as much as I love Space Jams. No dout I woulda been pissed if I woulda missed out on 'em, but really tho it's a DAMN shame stupid ass people gotta do stupid ass shit like break into stores and cause riots for a pair of J's. I know it's slowed down a bit but back in the day up to the 13's, it was always crazy like this, luckily no one was hurt this time around.

  34. wow i waited 8 hours at Staten Island mall i was the 6th person to get em they were very organized 25 people at a time and they sent me to finishline and got my pair mad cops there the biggest hype for a pair of kicks jus like back in the old days running to the shoe store im gunna keep my pair for a gud 10 years i put them in a safe with my first pair of js i ever bought (and people dont wear them now i beg u becase the salt from the floors destroys the out sole and that wat makes the shoe soo listen

  35. 2000's vs the 2009's Space jams. Why do you guys care about the quality of the shoe if you don't plan to wear them? Plan STUPID!!

  36. I didnt wait at all.. I gave my friend the money and he waited for me.. but i gave him a lil extra cash… Like $10 lol

  37. Got mine only because I was able to convince a manager at a spot to hold a pair for me. Im like everybody else, I had to cop these. All I could think about that past couple months is the release of these ****in shoes. LOL. It is truly an addiction.

  38. ya i waited in line at 10 pm for the midnight release and got assed out… didnt get them… so i went to flight club n copped the og space jams instead :P. i got my jams and i got the better quality one…. it cost more but its worth it man.

  39. brokeproof 2000's are way better on the real. its not the point if you wear them or not thats per the individual, the simple fact is that quality is better. plain and simple, compare the two shoes you will see the difference. the 2009's are nothing like the original retro. blue jumpman on the sole, jumpman jordan not jam, the way the jumpman is facing on the heel. All the shoes cost nothing to make, but if im gonna drop that kinda money on a shoe that was originally 125, then 10 years later get the retro for 175 I would want the quality to be the same the shoe to look the same. the whole nine yards. Your not going to get that from jb anymore. the 2009s are a great shoe, but in retro spec not a true space jam! I hate to see what the 2019 space jams look like! or better yet the fusion af1 space jam, oh yea I said it. just wait for it. vomit. Merry Christmas.

  40. yeah got mine at a local sneaker store for 270 but my bro got his at the mall for the 175 sold out of my sizes there

  41. Got mine. Camped out at 3:30. Store opened at 8. And I was 6th in line. Space jams are great. And please wrap them plz bcuz they turn yellow fast.

  42. alright me and my sis reserved our shoes early in beaumont texas like some smart people would do. so we aint have to wait like some dumbassss to get ours early in the morning we walked in the mall around 1 oclock and got our shoes and might i say they is throwed as hell!!!!! soryy if u missed out and when 2010 comes im gettin all the retro releases hahahahahah

  43. Well I got four pairs in size 13 with no problems. I could have got 8 pairs or more but decided on four. I had two pairs on lock since January of this year at my stop in the Asheville mall (Arsenal). I actually have one pair for sale right now on ebay, My ebay id is (ncbargainseller). Check out my auction on ebay. Remeber ebay id is ncbargainseller.

  44. Wanna hear what happened to me ? I was ready and all to stay 3 whole days to make sure I was fo sho fonna cop them and then I called the store to check and they said sold out ……….wtf lol I just called my homeboy about going to pembroke mall and then he said oh theirr packed with more the 500 people so I just got on the web found a deal for 100 authentic 2009 space jams for 200 on the dot the end kids

  45. Man…………….so glad i wear kid size (7) me in my dad went to the mall about 2 hours after it opened which was dumb for him because he wore a size 10.5 so they were sold out but he still had to buy me mines i really wanted two pair for one to hoop in but didnt want to be greedy!!!!!!


  47. thank god for lol

    ordered my pair at 4am the same day thank god they had my size

    went to 2 stores wit my boy….4 pairs in modells and no mens sizes in footlocker smh

  48. homie made a good point about people complaining about quality and not even wearing the shoe. Besides, if you have a DS pair of 2000 Retros, theyre prolly gonna fall apart if you ever decide to wear them. Shoes aren't made to be stashed away in closets, they're made to be worn. If you don't like a product then don't buy it, but that doesn't mean you gotta hate on other people that want it. ANYway, good luck to everyone still tryna cop their pair, and congratulations to everyone who did. out.


  50. this was the 1st camp out i had to ever do becuz i usually juss drop $300+ for em online but i had to hav em the same day..campd out for bout an hour or so inside the mall and only had my size so i went to another spot cuz my brother had to work and campd out there for bout 1.5 hours and got him a pair n his boy a pair…never will i camp out n the cold for some shoes cuz ima juss cop em online lik i always do…ya dig…but i do agree wit JB bout makin the amount he did, if everyone has dem then dey really wouldnt b exclusiv n the price tag on em would and demand ppl, Economics 101…to much supply and not enough demand price drops, n vice versa

  51. LOFL!

    u cats have got to be the stupidest people on the face of the earth I swear…

    all you do is whine about fkn jordans…

    no wonder society is fkd up like it is…

    u dont stand for anything but the internet, homosexuality and running your mouth behind a computer screen, thats all your good for…

    hope your stupidity was worth all this…

  52. LOL, I really don't care for footlocker, finishline, or any shoe retail employees getting theirs. Its a perk for working crappy retail. I make way more sitting at a desk. I can just get my pair at a premium. I rather not camp, deal with bullshit of dumbass people. Seriously though worry about something more important than if you got or didnt get your space jams. its a joke look at atlanta pic up top. I could of bet on that happening anywhere a ghetto and a shoe store exist.

  53. i got my pair of space jams worth the wait i wish i coulda got 2 but no money for that happy i got my pair n no mayhem like that haoppened where i went

  54. stood in front of champs and those lames only sold to friends and fam on sum list so they sold out b4 anyone actually went on the damn store then stood in front of HOH down the block in NYC…was there for like 2hrs but I got a pair first time doin that and maybe the last

  55. i hate these people on here that say they got theres so easy saying they reserved it or didnt have to wait in line. Bitch its because look at where you live i live in Hartford CT and these kicks sold out so quick everywhere the whole CT NY NJ FL. My boy from Miami called me at like 9am i said nigga they been sold out over here. I know so many people at Footlocker Champs Expressions etc and they couldnt hold shit even if they were the managers . The big bosses ( district managers) made sure that no employee bought or held any of these sneakers for no one. Lucky i got 3 pairs at 2 different locations but had to drive far o well but thats my Jordan experience. And yes everyone is right the old 2000 ones are better quality and comfort. All of the patent leathers now that are made feel so cheap and small. Happy Holidays

  56. I brought mine in September, thanks Marquee's Sole. To all the cats that didn't get them my heart bleeds for y'all, and also I worked at footaction for six years we would get full size run sometimes two pair inthe same size, so to the people that got the "they didn't come in that size" that's bullshit str8 up. All the employees with that size brought them up simple and plain. Grimmie shit goes down on hot Jordan release any cat selling them know what I'm talking about.

  57. i got mine but it was a size bigger but suprisingly it does not fit to bad i am a 12 and got a 13 but it wasnt bad but the lines was horrible even in the middle of nowhere malls

  58. I just got mine today the 27th! I have been calling eastbay to see if they just happen to have my size 11 and when the lady said yes we have one in stock, I was was in shock and said i'll take it!

    This is the only pair I bought. Not like some of U guys who have 3 or 4 pairs. I'm happy with just 1. But I have been looking at those Ebay prices and i'm not sure yet whether to keep it or sell it.

    If U are like me and were calling Eastbay everyday to see if they have any available, then don't quit. Keep calling today and tomorrow because there were some people who ordered these shoes on Wed but their credit cards dennied the transaction. So they will be available for purchase.

  59. p.s. negros care more about their jordans than their own kids, families, or responsibilities. You don't believe me? Look at the pic of the ATL footlocker above and see what happens when apes go wild. Gorillas in the mist son, word up.

  60. If only black people were as passionate about getting an education as they are about some damn shoes the world would be a better place indeed.

  61. something like this happened in BK when the Cool Grey joints came out. That release was crazy. I understand supply and demand, but really JB? As a company you don't hold anything sacred. You have retroed all the heat you possibly could and for exorbantant prices to boot. You release the nubuck 12's to GR, you release the Mars 4's, within a year of the laser 4's, like what is the point of making things exclusive to turn around and cut the throats of those who went through hell to get them, by releasing the same damn shoe 6 years later. I still have my OG space jams, i used to work for nike. I paid $67.50 for them. other than the beautiful amber bottoms (lol) the shoe is perfect. Where is the extra $50 justified. I love the shoe, but know i paid the aforementioned price, i can't bring myself to pay $100 more for the shoe and then pay $50 over the OG retail price. Are you trying to get some of that Ebay money JB? Let's bump it up $50, because we know, at least 15% will end up on Ebay for a ridiculous price. Here's a suggestion, make an obscene amount of these sought after retroes, make the new releases limited. this will make a new demand 10 yrs down the road. the consumers retro thirst will be quenched, you will eventually have 95-100% sell through on these sneakers. I worked at an outlet in 1998 and was able to obtain "B"(NOT A DAMN THING WRONG WITH THEM)grade white/red and black/white(playoff) 12's for less than $80 each. Those flew off the shelf. Outlets is where Nike makes all of its money as far as their own stores are concerned. Since nothing is sacred anymore with Nike and JB, release the goods to appease the masses and create a new demand. Take a note from Nike SB, i don't foresee the De La Soul or the Pigeon dunks being retroed anytime soon. All my heat is now being used for their original purpose, bball. I'll get the new joints and sit on those until the demand comes around again.

  62. i got mines for a size 15 online cuz my size 13s sold out and fo those who think iam crazy thereslike an inch only missing rom my toes

  63. Stopped by the local retail spot on Sat. the 19th of December and copped the white and red XII's like I had planned to. With a little slick talk; that was enough to get my pair of XI's reserved. Picked em up first thing on the 23rd with no problems.

  64. called up my boy from pulse to set a size 7.5 a side for me so i can pick it up the next day. best release of 09, now i can put my 2000 space jams in air bags ^___^

  65. Yep. I got em. Plan A was gonna be campin out at the Castleton Mall in Indy early in the morn but I stumbled across the countdown to the midnight release on FL's website. I figured if I couldnt make it happen on the web then I would have to bundle up for the cold night. But it actually worked. I waited and waited, watchin the ticker till it hit midnight and got to clickin right away. It took 20 mins to finally get the order processed due to their system f'in up but I was persistent enough to make it happen. The early bird got the worm in this case.

  66. I walked in 40 min after the mall opened…right into kids footlocker and copped the last pair of size 6…great day

  67. The way I look at it, from the start I had a feeling the 09 jams would be bullshit material. I could tell by the way they were doin the bacl/red 6s with that suede crap. I have my 00 jams, even though they yellow at the bottom, the material is still good and they still look good. maybe its because it didnt wear that much until this year to turn heads (haha 🙂 )Anyways, condolences to those who couldnt get a pair but honestly, you didnt miss out.

  68. I swear black folks will camp out and wreck a store for a pair of damn shoes. But when it comes to school,voting, and cleaning up our communities most of us ain't no where to be found. Camping outside for Jordan's how about we camp outside and protest for better neighborhoods, education for our children, instead of trying to be the 1st one to have the new j's to show off.